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About Glenda Gooding - Counselling and Life Coaching

Counselling and Life Coaching


Counselling and life coaching support are provided in a comfortable and warm environment for adult and adolescent individuals.  Conversations are client-centred, meaning clients voice directions that they want to take as well as the pace of the counselling sessions as they unfold.

Careful and attentive listening is provided together with a positive attitude (positive psychotherapy) as we work together.  Assistance is given in gaining clarity around current situations and in identifying process direction.  

Glenda's Education


Diploma of Yoga – Margrit Segesman, Gita School of Yoga

Diploma of Yoga – International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA)

Masters of Counselling

B.A. Monash University with two majors – History/Politics & Sociology

Certificate IV –Life Coaching

Certificate IV – Business Management

Certificate IV- Training and Assessment (TAE)


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About Glenda


Glenda has a wide breadth of life experiences to draw from and has worked with groups and individuals for over 30 years in her own business.

She has also developed and facilitated courses in Mindfulness,  Meditation and Self-development for over 20 years.

Glenda is well travelled and is passionate about the positive changes that self-development and understanding can access.



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