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yoga teaching course - Yoga Teaching Course

Yoga Teaching Course

The Yoga Teaching course will give you all the teaching skills and knowledge to become a Yoga Teacher.

This is an in-depth, comprehensive course in which you will learn about the history of yoga, yoga philosophy, study two original yoga texts, as well as learn the practical skills of teaching yoga. The course also has a strong and enjoyable self-development component.


Course Subjects

History of Yoga, Yoga Theory and Yoga Practices, Sanscrit, Anatomy for Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, and Yoga Philosophy.  You will also learn Teaching Methods and Techniques of yoga postures, bandhas, mudras and yoga nidra or relaxation and Pranayama that combine to produce a successful yoga class.


Course Results

Successful completion of this course results in a Diploma recognised by Yoga Australia (yoga association) which allows access to membership and viable yoga insurance.

On graduation, you will have the knowledge and practical skills that enable you to be ready to teach.

Course Duration

Courses are either 12 months or 15 months.  The variation is due to the days of attendance where there are options for either Fridays or one day on the weekend.  Fridays are tailored to those who may need to pick up children and so the hours are less on the day and therefore a 15-month course is required,  The weekend day is a longer day and therefore a 12-month course.

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Yoga teaching class 1 - Yoga Teaching Course
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About Glenda Gooding

Glenda, is a Level 3 Yoga Teacher (most experienced) with Yoga Australia (yoga association) and has been teaching yoga, meditation, relaxation, yoga philosophy and running Yoga Teaching Courses for over 25 years.

Glenda has initiated, managed and taught yoga in two successful yoga centres. She also has previous experience teaching yoga in corporate venues, community centres and gyms.  She has travelled in India over a 20 year period to a number of Ashrams.

From her experience, Glenda shares her wide knowledge in this enjoyable course that will bring you to a high standard of teaching yoga.  Glenda works with groups of small numbers enabling individual connection and attention.

Enrol now to set yourself on amazing personal and career journey that will give you a professional edge to your part-time or full-time yoga career.

Please contact for further information on the Course.

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